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Curious Marketeer Guide

Too often, we hear the questions of how to apply the latest marketing hacks being circulated on social media. However, less often we hear questions of how to build a business applying sound strategies. This guide help beginners get started on building a marketing strategy, not just applying random tactics.

SWOT & PESTEL Workshop Guide

SWOT & PESTEL are two structured planning methods that evaluate the potential of a new product or business venture. Understanding the internal and external context will enable better planning and better decision-making. This workshop guide highlights everything you need to run a successful brainstorming workshop using these structures.

First Step to Social Media Marketing Success

There are many how-to guides out there for social media marketing. Many of those focuses on the execution. However, success does not rest on execution. It rests on having a sound strategy. Therefore, this guide aims to supplement much that is out there. Let’s answer the first question – do we even need social media? Then, let’s take a step-by-step approach to build a social media strategy.

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Understanding path-to-purchase is vitally important to any product success. This gives you opportunities to better understand how to win consumers ...
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Social media is an important piece of any marketing plans today.  However, between the evolving platforms and the endless choices, ...
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SWOT analysis, or also known as SWOT matrix, is a structured planning method that evaluates the potential of a new ...
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