Myth – content marketing should be about your product

Recently, Tempocreative debunked seven content marketing myths:

    1. Content marketing is not measurable
    2. Ignore negative feedback about your content
    3. Company channels are your most important assets
    4. Content marketing and social media are separate initiatives
    5. Your content marketing should be about your products and services
    6. Too much content will give away your secrets
    7. The rules are different in b2b

Of the seven myths, the one that intrigued me the most is #5 – your content marketing should be about your products and services.  This may be obvious to some, but for others, this may have caused a pause.  Content marketing represents a consistent effort of engagement.  This is why content marketing cannot be always about pitching what you have to sell.  So, if you’re not pitch – what are you doing?  Building your brand story!

Your brand is unique not just because what you have to sell.  What is your mission?  Who help you realize that mission?  Authenticity has been a buzz word in marketing now for a very long time – and there is no better way to establish authenticity than producing content that speaks to every faucet of your brand.


Which myth resonated with you the most?  What other myths have you observed?


7 Content Marketing Myths

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