[Infographic] Marketing Careers

There are a variety of job under the category of “marketeer”.  I created this infographics to showcase just a few.

  • Community Manager:  As social media becomes bigger and bigger, there is a whole segment of marketeers who are dedicated to make sure their brand is healthy in this channel.  This often means cultivating a community.
  • Brand Manager:  This is probably the most traditional view of marketeer.  P&G invented brand management.  Since then, a small army of brand managers are created each year as an overseer of everything related to a specific brand or business.
  • Account Manager:  This is a broad segment.  Most account managers in the marketing world are serves as a vendor.  They can be vendor of a tool (such as the latest SEO gadget) or they can be vendor of idea and talent (such as an ad agency)


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