First Step to Social Media Marketing Success

There are many how-to guides out there for social media marketing. Many of those focuses on the execution. How to set up a Facebook account. How to create beautiful content. However, success in marketing, or any business venture, does not rest on execution. It rests on having a sound strategy.

Therefore, this guide aims to supplement much that is out there. This guide takes us back to the beginning. Let’s answer the first question – do we even need social media? Then, let’s take a step-by-step approach to build a social media strategy. This guide does not discuss execution. Quite frankly, most social media channels already do a pretty good job of onboarding new users. It is in their best interests to help users set up accounts, which adds to their “active users” number in touting their platforms. So, let’s get started by taking the first step toward social media success – having a sound strategy.

This 18-page beginner’s guide will answer the following questions:

  1. Can Social Media Really Help My Business?
  2. Who Is Our Target Audience?
  3. Can I Promote My Business on Social Media Without Spending Money?
  4. How to Build a Sustainable Social Media Strategy?
  5. What Should We Do When a Social Media Crisis Hit?

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Curious Marketeer – a Beginner’s Guide to Strategic Marketing

Through a decade of engaging marketers online, we have seen many marketers start with asking about what is the latest digital marketing fads, and ask how to do it. However, less often do we hear the basic fundamental question of how to grow my business? Until that question is asked and answered, you cannot know that the latest digital marketing fads make sense!

To help get you started, we have consolidated this guide that is aimed at helping beginners get started in strategic marketing. This guide is not about how to catch on the latest marketing fad or how to apply the latest marketing hack. Without sound strategic thinking, you would not know if these ideas are actually good fit for your business.

So, start here – a simple guide to developing strategically sound marketing plans!

This 10-page beginner’s guide will cover the following topics:

  • The basics of marketing – a foundational framework
  • Get started by defining your target market
  • Elevate your brand and generate brand loyalty
  • Align team members by building personas
  • Anticipate purchase barriers by understand the customer decision journey
  • Bonus! Case Study: How Tim Ferriss started his 4-Hour empire

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