5 Free Tools to Build a Better Email Marketing Campaign 

The holy grail of marketing on the internet today remains to be email marketing. There is a lot of discussion about how emails are dead. There are plenty of spam filters. Perhaps, one day, email marketing will die, but that day has not come.

Honestly, when was the last time you opened a promotional email? I opened one very recently, from one of my favorite stores selling me their latest styles. As long as the message is relevant, it will find an audience.

Therefore, as entrepreneurs, we have to get good at email marketing.

However, if we search online on how to execute a successful email marketing campaign, we often find ourselves reading the following information:

Keys to email marketing success:

  • Get permissions
  • Build the list
  • Measure and analyze
  • Use data to personalize
  • Put our existing customers first
  • Automate

Or, list of best tools for… 

  • Lead capture
  • Automation
  • Analytics

No doubt the topics above are important. We have to have the right email marketing plan in place in order to be successful. And we need to have the right tools to help us execute that plan.

However, we still need to put content into those tools for us to have a campaign. Yet, we can hardly find any information on how to actually create better emails. In the end, isn’t the key to successful email marketing creating relevant content?

Here are 5 free tools to help us create better emails:

Canva: Canva is a free graphic design tool online. Many people use Canva to create social media images. Canva is also a great tool to create beautiful email headers. As people skim through their emails, impactful graphics can have the potential to convert that skimming into reading.

Hemingway: If we only have a little bit of time to grab someone’s interests, we need that copy to be impactful. If cash is readily available, hiring a professional copywriter may be a good idea. Otherwise, the Hemingway App can help.

CoScheduler: Even the best emails get lost in inboxes. Therefore, having a strong subject line can make all the difference. With a little cash, CoScheduler will optimize the subject line for you. For no money, we can use their free tool to test a few options we may have in mind.

Mail-tester: This free online tool test the spamminess of our email. A lot of email service providers automatically filter out emails to the junk folders, and users never had a chance to read the content. Test the email before sending it out can help us avoid the spam filter.

Our own inboxes: The best way to learn how to create better emails is to study how others are creating emails. Our own inboxes are filled with examples of good emails and bad emails. What caught our eyes? What can we borrow and steal? Our own inboxes can present a lot of information on how to create better emails.

There are a lot of tools to enable our email marketing success. Big corporations spend loads to have fancy agencies crafting pretty emails. However, there are many free tools available online to help the rest of us create impactful emails.

What tools are you using to create better emails?

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